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NPC's Vitamin D3 micro tablet is tiny and tasteless. It has been formulated with cellulose, an inert plant material that rapidly absorbs water. This ensure that the tablet disintegrates rapidly to ensure absorption of Vitamin D3.

Because of its size and formulation, it can be swallowed, simply crunched up in the mouth or placed under the tongue until it disintegrates.

We presently offer the micro tablet in three strengths, 1000 and 2000IU with 400 micro tablets per bottle and 5000IU with 200 micro tablets per bottle.

Our products are manufactured in the USA in a GMP compliant plant. (GMP refers to FDA's guidelines on Good manufacturing practices)

Vitamin D3 is sourced by washing lambs wool (from Australia) to retrieve lanolin from which the precursor is extracted and converted to D3 by exposure to ultra violet light-this is exactly how vitamin D is produced in the human body.

This form of Vitamin D3 is considered suitable for vegetarians as the animals are not killed. The lamb's wool is simply washed to extract lanolin which supplies the precursor molecule from which Vitamin D3 is produced.

Vegans, who will not consume anything derived from animal products have a particular problem. There is no source of Vitamin D3 that does not originate in animals. Their only option is to use Vitamin D2 which is derived from plants. However studies have shown that D2 is only 30% as efficient as D3 in raising active Vitamin D levels in humans. Their only other alternative is to expose themselves to sufficient sun light.

Delivery times and Overseas Shipments
Presently all shipments are made from the USA by first class mail. US and Canadian orders usually arrive within 2-3 business days. Shipments outside the US usually arrive within 7-10 business days. We have many existing customers in Europe. Our products are packed discretely and we have had no problems with customs. But just in case, we offer a delivery guarantee, if your order is not received for any reason we will re-ship the order until it arrives safely.

Blood and saliva test results are available on line. You will receive an e mail from the lab when your sample is received, instucting you how to access your results on line. You will also receive a hard copy of your results in the mail. Your results are usually ready in three to four days after the lab receives the sample. Your results will contain and analysis and explanation of the results.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to e mail your question to contact@natural-products-corp.com
or call us at 877-612-1079, 9am to 6.00pm EST